Past. Present. Future.

Giulia Gatti is a music project born from the clash of the italian singer/songwriter Giulia Menegatti and the danish composer/guitarist Jonas Dannerbugt. The duo is a combination of two ends of europe, the southern warm and nordic cool sounds creating a new universe of vibrant music that will attract the ears of the audience. Giulia Gatti is working on an debut EP ready for release in April 2020 inspired by Soul, Blues, R&B music cut with a new edge of pop.

 "Since a kid I've always been compared to a cat - and it reconnects to my family surname MeneGATTI - which means cats - in it I have always found reflected my personality as the connection to the nine lives of the cat, always feeling like having an older soul with a story to tell through my music. I then decided to use it as my artistic name - Giulia Gatti"