"Music with Body, Soul & R'n'Beating Heart."

Giulia Gatti is a songwriting duo composed of the italian lead singer and songwriter Giulia Menegatti and the danish composer and guitarist  Jonas Dannerbugt. Their music is a clash of inspirations from R&B, Soul, Blues and Pop music creating a new legacy of sounds with the italian warm music vibes and the cool sophisticated danish sounds. If you listen to Giulia Gatti you are brought into a musical universe where the influence of artists like Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday, Bill Withers, Etta James and Amy Winehouse clearly shines through.  


- Artwave -

"Giulia Gatti, l’amore per la musica e per Fellini"

"Fix What You Break" è il primo singolo di Giulia Gatti, il duo formato da Giulia Menegatti e Jonas Dannerbugt. In questa intervista Giulia, la cantante, ci ha raccontato qualcosa in più su di loro di Claudia Pasquini


"Giulia og Jonas: Musikalsk duo med italiensk twist springer ud"​


Bygger musikalsk bro mellem Frederikshavn og Torino med Aalborg som bropille


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