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 "Music with Body, Soul & R'n'Beating Heart."

Giulia Gatti is a songwriting duo composed of the italian lead singer and songwriter Giulia Menegatti and the danish composer and guitarist  Jonas Dannerbugt. Their music is a clash of inspirations from R&B, Soul, Blues and Pop music creating a new legacy of sounds with the italian warm music vibes and the cool sophisticated danish sounds. If you listen to Giulia Gatti you are brought into a musical universe where the influence of artists like Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday, Bill Withers, Etta James and Amy Winehouse clearly shines through. Stay tuned for the single coming in 2020 and the debut EP releasing in April 2020.  

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"Giulia Gatti, l’amore per la musica e per Fellini"


"Fix What You Break" è il primo singolo di Giulia Gatti, il duo formato da Giulia Menegatti e Jonas Dannerbugt. In questa intervista Giulia, la cantante, ci ha raccontato qualcosa in più su di loro di Claudia Pasquini


"Giulia og Jonas: Musikalsk duo med italiensk twist springer ud"​


Bygger musikalsk bro mellem Frederikshavn og Torino med Aalborg som bropille


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